What do you do?

We are a industrial safety supplier. We supply safety signage, pipe marking, maritime safety signage systems and much more.

Where are you based?

We are a Finnish based company and have our office and production facility in Tammisaari, Finland.

What are your delivery times?

We strive for fast deliveries, usually our delivery time is 2-4 business days, but can be longer depending on the scale of the project.

What certificates do signwell have?

We are DNV certified to carry out Low Location Light measurements. We do have the 3M Matched Component System (MSC) production certificate.

Do you make custombased safety signage?

Yes, we do. We produce custom made safety signs, e.g. combination signs with your own text and chosen safety symbols according to ISO 7010. See our Industrial catalogue.



What kind of pipemarking should i use?

Choosing the quality of the pipe marking depends on several factors. Will the piping markings be in outdoor spaces, is the climate extreme, is the pipeline hot and or oily? Premium or bracket method pipe marking quality is recommended. The standard quality is average, i.e. suitable for most indoor and outdoor pipelines. Economy Pipe marking tape is suitable for short-term use and indoor spaces.

Safety signage (Industry)

What materials are your safety signs made of?

Our safety signs are mainly made out of rigid PVC ranging from 1mm to 2mm in thickness.
Our safety signs can also be made out of aluminium and aluminium composite or Pet-X (PVC free and halogeen free) upon request.

How do I order safety sign(s)?

We recommend that you use our Signwell Industrial catalogue to see wich products you do need. By email, using our product codes you will easily order signs from us. Contact us at info@signwell.fi and tell us with the following.
1. Size of the sign.
2. Code of the sign from our catalogue https://signwell.fi/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/Signwell_Industry_Catalog_2023ENG.pdf for example this sign below has the code of W001.

3. Material for example PVC thickness is not necessary but could be specified.
4. Laminated or unlaminated.
5. Photo of the sign is very helpful for us if it is a custom sign.

If you don´t exactly know what you need contact us at info@signwell.fi and explain your situation we are always happy to help.

What are the different safety signs?

There are many different safety signs but here is the most common.

Mandatory signs provide advice in special situations such as using protective equipment. The background is white with the symbol being white and inside of a blue circle. If text is included it is white inside a blue box.

Warning signs warns of danger and aims to prevent accidents. The background is white with the symbol being placed inside of a yellow triangle and text if included being black and placed inside of a yellow box.

Prohibition signs convey information about regulations and prohibitions that is intended to prevent harmful conduct. The background is white with the symbol being placed inside of a red prohibition circle and text if included being black and placed inside of a red box.

What are Escape signs?

Escape signs are made to show you instantly in an easy and understandable way the fastest escape route in case of an emergency.

What are your escape route signs made of?

Our signs are made out of aluminium, photoluminescent plastic and there is also electrical signs.
Read more about our escape route signs in our IMO catalogue from page 59 https://signwell.fi/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/IMO-Catalogue_2023-2024_-Signwell-1.pdf

Tank marking

What materials are used for tank marking?

Our tank marking is made from Aluminium, Vinyl/sticker, Aluminium composite and Plastic. The material depends on the surface and placement of the tank.

What exactly is tank marking?

Tank marking is a safety marking that should be affixed to the side of the tank(s). The marking should contain the following information: content, capacity/cubic volume, position/tank number and any hazardous characteristics. The markings must be placed for optimal visibility.


IMO Safety signage (Maritime)

What are IMO signs?

IMO signs are the standarized safety signs for the marine industry and is used for the shipping industry, boats, ships and ferries. Our IMO signs are made from PETX and high quality aluminium depending on your need. Our IMO signs also come with a backside of double sided tape for an easy installation.

What is PETX and why should I choose it?

We recommend PETX because it is 100% recyclable, flame retardant, halogen free and has a glossy high quality finish with a long lifespan.

Low Location Lighting

What is LLL and Led-LLL?

LLL or Low Location Lighting is a part of the escape route system onboard a ship carrying more than 36 passengers prescribed in the by law.
Please feel free to read more about LLL and Led-LLL in our IMO catalogue from page 65 https://signwell.fi/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/IMO-Catalogue_2023-2024_-Signwell-1.pdf

What certificates does Led-LLL have?

The LED Low Location Light system is DNV certified.

Do I need to do anything after an installation of your LLL/Led-LLL?

Only thing you need to do is to renew your LLL certificate once every 5 years. It is mandatory according too IMO RESOLUTION A.752(18).

What is the latest standard in maritime pipe marking?

ISO 20560-1 is the latest standard. (Updated 12.2022)

What are the difference between Polyespro, Standard and Economy pipe marking.

Polyespro: is the highest quality pipe marking on the market today. Polyespro has a high temperature resistance a long lifespan and perfect colour fastness.

Standard: standard pipe marking is a laminated pipe marking using the sandwich technique and is great for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Economy: is an unlaminated version of pipe marking. The recommended use of this tape is indoors but it can be used outdoors as well with a shorter lifespan.

More information can be found in our IMO catalogue from page 162 https://signwell.fi/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/IMO-Catalogue_2023-2024_-Signwell-1.pdf

What are SOLAS-Safety tapes?

SOLAS-safety tapes are tapes that help you with everything from pipe seal to stop of corrosion.
Please feel free to read more about our SOLAS-Safety tapes on our website: https://signwell.fi/en/products/solas-tapes-products/ You can also read about them in our IMO catalogue from page 34.


Do you make rollups?

Yes we do we also update old ones. You can get high quality rollups in a lot of different sizes for offices, fairs and exhibitions. Our rollups are easy to carry and easy to use. You will get an so called easy to carry bag with every rollup you buy.

What are snap frames?

Snap frames are a easy to use tool to help u with putting up emergency exit plans, area maps, marketing posters and much more. Snap frames are made from extruded aluminium and is therefore long lasting and durable. It is also a easily recyclable and environmentally friendly choice. Snap frames come in a lot of different sizes from A0 – A5.

Is there something to fight EV-fires on the market today?

Yes there is! Fire isolator is the fastest way to fight EV-fires on the market today, you can read more about Fire isolator here https://signwell.fi/tuoteluettelot/ or directly at www.fireisolator.com.

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