About us

About us

Signwell is an industrial and marine industrial oriented company established in Finland. For 30 years, we have been providing our services to industries and shipyards across Europe. Along the way, we have accumulated experience and knowledge of materials, sustainable development and safety-enhancing within the industries, the maritime industry and real estate sector.


Process labelling
Safety Signage
Safety products


IMO Safety Signage
Low Location Lighting Systems
LED Lighting Solutions
SOLAS Safety Products
Pipe marking ISO 14726
Decoral Signage


Vista Systems
Largeformat printing
in-/outdoor signage
Decoral Signage
Marketing products

Our values

Safety, health, the environment and quality are the basic pillars of Signwells operations, guiding everything we do. In our business, we always strive to create optimal safety for everyone, provide the best guidance, and increase the efficiency of the customer’s business. In addition to this, we carry out continuous product development in a greener direction and plan our production so that losses are kept to a minimum. Our goal at Signwell is to create good and genuine customer contacts by being loyal, flexible and effective as partners. We want to give our customers the opportunity for a safe environment, with our visible solutions.

Signwell offer turn key services

Signwell offers turnkey services. The service includes engineering, design, mapping and professional installation.

 We are doing this because we believe that a safe environment is a better environment!


Our production facility equipped with the latest production technology is strategically located in southern Finland between Helsinki and Turku. Ready to produce and deliver on demand and on short notice high-end safety signage, Low Location Lighting Systems as well as decoral signage for the maritime sector.

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