IMO Signs

IMO signs for ships & offshore platforms

IMO signs are internationally standardized safety signs for the marine industry approved by the International Maritime Organization. IMO signs are therefore safety signs for the shipping industry, boats ships and ferries of different kinds.

IMO signs; Maritime Safety Signage

Our IMO signs are available in different materials such as the economical PVC, innovative PETX and high quality aluminum. Regardless of the base material, you will always receive a detailed and high-quality result for the desired symbols. We only use environmentally friendly pigments that have been thoroughly tested to ensure their durable and good quality. The standard equipment Safe Sign signs come with double-sided tape to make installation as easy as possible.

Signwell IMO Signage System

Our range of escape-, fire- and rescue- signage includes all the signage products you need to ensure a safe environment in your building, on your vessel or any other fitting environment. Clearly marked fire extinguishers, fire alarms and rescue equipment are important when emergencies occur. Clear identification is also crucial from the point of view of accident prevention. As a result of people being able to observe the warnings during normal working and visiting situations, they make mental notes of the locations and the equipment. In a situation where an emergency arises, they will as result of this be capable of acting immediately, even in a stressful situation, because they are able to find the extinguishers, alarms and rescue equipment rapidly.

Why our IMO signage is the best alternative

Our range of SafeSign IMO signs are high-quality signs made of PETX material, PVC or aluminium. The PETX signs are halogen-free and completely recyclable. Thanks to the innovative material and printing technology, the signs are also very durable. The print pattern is placed on the back of the IMO sign, whereby the protective plastic layer preserves the information in the sign clearly better than the traditional printing method. PETX is also non-toxic and fire-resistant.

SAFESIGN IMO SIGNS a sustainable choice

Our SafeSign IMO sign range is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional signs. The signs are made of PETX material and are PVC and halogen free. Due to the innovative material, the signs are very durable and long-lasting.

Signwells SafeSign IMO signage are:

  • Halogen free product
  • UV resistant (does not discolour)
  • Glossy high-quality finish
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • 100% recyclable
  • Self-adhesive backing for easy fix
  • Flame retardant
Signwell IMO Signage System implementation

IMO signs according to the standards

IMO safety signs are particularly suitable for the maritime industry. According to the requirements of IMO RESOLUTION A.1116 (30), the signs must be manufactured in accordance with ISO 7010 & ISO 24409-2 standards. IMO signage shall be according to IMO Resolution A.1116(30).

IMO resolution A.1116(30)

The IMO agreed to accept the safety symbols ISO 7010 and 24409-2, as a result of which all exit markings, equipment position markings and other safety markings on board must be produced in accordance with the ISO safety markings. This means that the same identifiable safety signs are used both at sea and on land, which increases recognizability and safety.

IMO signs


Signwell takes care of the entire process. Everything from planning to realisation of the safety signage system (Electrical Powered Low Location Lighting system/ Photoluminescent Low Location Lighting system and the IMO signage). Our team will do the engineering and layout and produce the IMO Signage and Low Location Lighting System (LLL) in our production facilities, in order for us to adequately realise your deliveries and projects. We produce the LLL system by appropriate quality requirements, to endure the environment and desired life span. Our professional installation team specialized in complete Escape Route Guidance Systems, which Low Location Lighting Systems and IMO signs are a crucial part of, will take care of the implementation, and make sure that the Safety Signage System is installed correctly.

Are you interested in The New Generation IMO Signage or Low Location Lighting System? Tired of your old IMO Signs / Low Location Lighting System consisting of both PVC PL inserts and damaged aluminium profiles?

Contact our safety system experts today and get ahead with your project.

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