Safe Sign‘s photoluminescence LLL system is intended to guide people to safety in the event of an emergency. To trust this system, you need to be sure it works every time. You don’t want to be dependent on external power sources, such as batteries, emergency generators or even the actual power grid. These power supplies can fail in an emergency and are not a safe choice when looking for the best solution.

The photoluminescence LLL system gives you a guiding safety system that you can trust, in any environment and situation. The only thing this system needs is light. When the glow-in-the-dark LLL system is exposed to light, be it natural light or light from fixtures, it charges itself. This is how that system always works.

LightLine LLL -profile system

LightLine LLL -profile system consists of pressed aluminum rails and rigid photoluminescence LLL tapes. Our selection includes two different types of profiles; corner or flat profile with 55.4 mm wide visible backlight strip. The performance of rigid LLL panels is certified by DNV. The flat profile is made of anodised aluminum and contains a central channel in which photoluminescence LLL material is placed. End pieces are available to protect the ends of the profile. The corner profile is slightly angled away from the vertical so that the photoluminescence strip receives more light.

LightLine LLL System

The LightLine LLL System is the easiest and most cost-effective Low Location lighting system to install, requiring only the attachment of LLL strips where necessary. You can easily cut the necessary lengths with a knife. The system is completed by placing LLL signs/stickers in the right places. When you decide to install our LightLine system, you can save time up to 200%.

LightLine Pet-X photoluminescence strips are PVC/halogen-free plastic strips with backlight material and strong self-adhesive foam tape on the back. The material has a “shiny” surface that is easy to clean and at the same time gives it a high-quality appearance. LightLine tapes are available with 5 mm safety green edges at the top and bottom of the tape.

The standard length of the LightLine-LLL-System is 99 cm, height 50 mm, thickness 1.5 mm and they are manufactured with high luminescence class XXL. All LightLine-LLL tapes have a self-adhesive backing that is easy to attach during new shipbuilding or renovation projects. LightLine-LLL tapes exceed all current requirements. On request, we can manufacture LightLine strips with other widths and/or other coloured marking stripes.


  • Wheelmark
  • Korean Register


  • Complies with IMO Resolution A. 752 (18) and ISO Standard 15370

Features of the LightLine-LLL system:

  • Halogen-free
  • Resistant to UV radiation, i.e. they do not fade
  • With a shiny surface and a high-quality appearance
  • Easily cleaned
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easily installed with double-sided tape
  • Flame resistant

Regulations and Requirements

Safe Sign products, including their design and installation, fulfil all applicable requirements and regulations. At your request, we can guide, design and even install shields and photoluminescence LLL systems to ensure full compliance, whether you operate in a marine or onshore industrial environment. A few regulations and requirements are highlighted below. We can help and advise you precisely in the regulations and requirements related to your specialty.

IMO Decision A-752(18)Guidelines for evaluation, testing and application of LLL systems for passenger ships
SOLAS Agreement 2004Exit routes – Exit route markings
European Directive 2002/25/ECSafety rules and requirements for passenger ships
ISO 15370Low Location Lighting (LLL) on passenger ships
ISO 16069SWGS- Safety way guidance systems
ISO 24409-2_2014Ships and marine technology – Ship’s safety and fire prevention plan design, location and use of signs, safety notices and markings
ISO 17398:2004Safety colors and signs – Classification and durability of safety signs


Together with our team, we can check, measure and report the effectiveness and timeliness of the current exit routes and safety signage system, to ensure that they are fully compliant with regulations and requirements. If you want more information about the sign inspection, contact us using the contact information below this brochure.

In the maritime industry, it is mandatory (IMO RESOLUTION A.752(18)) to renew LLL systems certificates every 5 years. This periodic measurement must be in accordance with IMO/SOLAS regulations and certified by the classification societies. We offer DNV-approved periodical measurement and certificate re-approval for your vessel, for backlighting and electronic LED LLL systems.

Regulation about the luminescence:

Signwell is certified by DNV to do LLL inspections.

Download the Catalogue here : Signwell IMO Catalog

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