SOLAS Fire Safety Products


Light, compact and easy to use, our Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) is perfectly adapted to confined spaces onboard your vessel. It’s designed to escape from toxic or oxygen deficit environments, which require easy and immediate donning. The EEBD is packed in a handy carrying bag. Positive pressure in the hood eliminates any risk of inhaling toxic gases. An alarm indicates when the air supply is about to run out.

Emergency escape breathing device
Technical data
  • Cylinder working pressure: 210 bar
  • Cylinder capacity: 3 l
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Non-pressurized delivery
Benefits & Features
  • The EEBD is intended to be used to escape from a machinery space and be carried by fire fighters to give personnel in need of assistance. An EEBD is not intended to be used for fire- fighting purposes or entering oxygen-deficit or toxic environments, for firefighters use our SCBA. This EEBD is designed according to Chapter 3 – Fire System Safety Code (FSSC)/2.2. A training version of this EEBD is also available.


The SCBA is a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, with a six liter volume steel cylinder, positive pressure. This self-contained breating respirator is used by fire-fighters and emergency rescuers. The full package includes a steel cylinder, full face mask, back strap, supply valve, alarm whistle, pressure reducer and completely packed in a carrying bag. The alarm pressure is set at 46 Mpa.


Technical data
  • Pressure: 300 bar
  • Cylinder: Alloy steek, 6 l
  • Working time: 60 minutes


SOLAS regulations require a permanent display of the general arrangement plans on a ship’s bridge (GA plan, Fire Safety plan and Escape plan). The Rolalux VH01 Rolldown Cassette gives you the opportunity to store 1 up to 3 different plans in the space. It is required that the general arrangement plans are kept up-to-date. Because of this, the VH01 Rolldown allows for easy replacement of the plans. You can simply remove and replace all three plans in the Rolldown system easily. Safety and evacuation plans should be permanently available to support the captain and officers on ships above the 20 meters. On the drawings a number of things must be clearly highlighted:

Technical data
  • Material: aluminium anodised
Benefits & Features

• Store 1-3 plans in the space
• Easy replacement of plans
• Meets SOLAS regulations (Chapter II-2, Regulation15.2.4)
• Modern design and solid mechanism
• Ensures a clean, well-arranged bridge
• Wall or ceiling mount possible
• Other dimensions available on request


The Fire plan container is a watertight container that stores a copy of a fire plan and / or an escape route plan. As we’ve recognized that fire plan containers are damaged easily, we have developed a stainless steel fire plan container, which resists the harsh maritime environment. Fire and safetyplans must always be exhibited for the guidance of the ship’s crews showing clearly for each deck as required by the SOLAS Chapter II Reg. 15/2.4.1 and 2.4.2.

fire plan container
Technical data
  • Packaging: 2 containers / box
Benefits & Features
  • Resistant to weather influences unlike PVC/plastic containers
  • Suitable for all the standard plan sizes
  • Watertight / marine environment resist
  • Stainless Steel container
  • Comes with photoluminescent “Fire plan” or “Fire
  • and Safety plan” sign and sticker
  • Comes with wall mounting brackets


The goal of the International shore connection is to keep a standby hose attachment to get a connection from shore or from other ships for onboard firefighting, in case there is a total failure of pumps onboard. While using the Inter-national shore connection, the sea water is supplied at a pre-decided pressure and is connected to the ship’s fire main.

Technical data
  • 1.0 N / mm2 maximal pressure
  • 2” thread
Benefits & Features
  • Designed to last in the tough marine environment
  • BMC glass fiber polyester box, flame retardant
  • Cabinet door can be opened both the right and left direction
  • Stainless Steel lock and hinges
  • Comes with applied SafeSign sign with 5 year
  • warranty, even on outdoor use

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