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Lightweight, compact and easy to use Emergency Egress Breathing Device (EEBD) is perfect for confined spaces on your ship. It is designed to allow escape from toxic or hypoxic environments that require easy and immediate donning. The EEBD comes packaged in a convenient carrying case. Overpressure in the hood eliminates the risk of inhaling toxic gases, and an alarm informs when the air supply is about to run out.

Emergency escape breathing device

Techical Data

  • Cylinder working pressure: 210 bars
  • Cylinder volume: 3 l
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Pressure-free delivery

Benefits and Features

  • The EEBD is intended to be used for exiting the machine room and for the exit of personnel in need of help carried by firefighters in the event of an emergency. EEBD is not intended to be used for firefighting purposes, as there is SCBA used by firefighters for this purpose. This EEBD is designed in accordance with Chapter 3 – Fire System Safety Code (FSSC)/2.2. A training version of this version is also available.


SCBA is a self-contained breathing apparatus with a six-liter steel cylinder, positive pressure. Firefighters and rescue workers mainly use this self-contained breathing apparatus. The full package includes a steel cylinder, full face mask, back strap, supply valve, alarm whistle, pressure relief device and comes packed in a carrying case. The alarm pressure is set to 46 Mpa.


Technical Data

  • Pressure: 300 bar
  • Cylinder: Alloy Steek 6 l
  • Working time: 60 minutes


SOLAS regulations require permanent display of general system plans on the ship’s bridge (GA plan, fire safety plan and escape plan). Rolalux VH01 Rolldown Cassett gives you the opportunity to store 1-3 different plans in the same space. General system plans must be kept up to date. Because of this, VH01 Rolldown enables easy replacement of plans. You can simply remove and replace all three plans of the Rolldown system easily. Safety and evacuation plans must be constantly available to support the captain and officers at heights above 20 meters. The following things must be clearly emphasized in the drawings:


Technical Data

  • Materiaali: eloksoitu alumiini
  • Material: anodized aluminum

Material: anodized aluminum

Benefits and Features

• Säilytä 1-3 suunnitelmaa samassa tilassa
• Suunnitelmien helppo vaihto
• Täyttää SOLAS-määräykset (luku II-2, sääntö 15.2.4)
• Moderni muotoilu ja vankka mekanismi
• Varmistaa selkeän ja hyvin järjestetyn komentosillan
• Kiinnitys seinään tai kattoon on mahdollista
• Muita mittoja saatavilla pyynnöstä

Fire plan container

The fire plan container is a watertight container in which a copy of the fire plan and/or exit route plan is stored. As we have found that fire plan tanks are easily damaged, we have developed a stainless steel fire plan tank that can withstand the harsh marine environment. Fire and safety plans must always be displayed for the guidance of the ship’s crew and must be clearly presented for each deck in accordance with the provision of Chapter II of the SOLAS Convention. 15/2.4.1 and 2.4.2.

fire plan container

Technical Data

  • Packaging: 2 containers/box

Benefits & features

  • Weather resistant unlike PVC/plastic containers.
  • Fits all standard size plans.
  • Waterproof / marine environment resistant.
  • Stainless steel container
  • Photoluminescent “Fire plan” or “Fire and safety plan” sign and sticker included.
  • Wall brackets included.


The goal of the international shore connection is to keep the hose connector in standby mode, so that a connection can be made from the shore or other ships to the extinguishing works in case of fire fighting on the ship, if the pumps on the ship stop working. When using the international shore connection, seawater is fed at a predetermined pressure and connected to the ship’s fire pipe.


Technical Data

  • Max. pressure 1.0 N / mm2
  • 2” spin

Benefits and features

  • Designed to last in a demanding marine environment.
  • BMC fiberglass polyester box, flame retardant.
  • The cabinet door can be opened both to the right and to the left.
  • Stainless steel lock and hinges.
  • Attached SafeSign sign with 5-year warranty, also for outdoor use.

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