The New Generation of Low Location Lighting Systems onboard ICON OF THE SEAS


Signwell has been contracted by Meyer Turku to supply and realize The New Generation of PL Low Location Lighting System on the latest adding to Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL), ICON OF THE SEAS. The installation of the Low Location Lighting System has been done thoroughly by our skilled installation team to meet the strictest regulations of the maritime industry (IMO RESOLUTION A.752(18) and ISO 15370) and in that way create an effective escape route guidance system on board the ship.


The scope for the project included the following:

  • Advice on positioning
  • Installation of the passive Photoluminescent Low Location Lighting System on site.
  • Engineered sales and inspections of areas
  • Low Location Lighting System Inspection & Certification

Starting points for the 3L-PL™ project with regard to laws and regulations:


Picture: Southhampton cruisecentre

ICON OF THE SEAS is the latest adding to Royal Caribbean Internationals fleet, built in FINLAND by Meyer Turku. It is the largest cruise ship built today, ICON OF THE SEAS is the lead ship of the new ICON CLASS with an astonishing 250,800 GT, 365m in length and a height of 20 decks. Setting new standards for a more sustainable future, ICON is powered by LNG (Liquified natural gas) and fuel cell technology. ICON OF THE SEAS accommodates 7600 guests and 2350 crew members.

ICON is a record breaker on several areas:


The LightLine XXL is the “New Generation Low Location Light System” that is your sustainable and a time saving option with the environment in focus at the same that it offers the optimal solution for a higher safety level onboard.

Low Location Lighting system
Signwell® SAFESIGN Low Location Lighting system

This LLL system is easier to install, more cost-effective, lighter and overall only requiring the application of the LLL strips where needed. This without drilling or “destroying” the wall with other forms of glue. This saves a lot of extra weight when not needed any aluminium profiles.

Furthermore the durability of our PL LLL system is that it does not shiver and make noises from getting loose from the wall after a couple of years as LLL systems with profiles can do after some time from vibrations caused from the ships engines and sea. Easier replacement, since it is attached directly onto the wall and only stretching out 1,5mm. It will last intact for a much longer time and if needed, it is easy to remove one small damaged section and replace with a new strip. This instead of having to remove the whole aluminium profile that can be at longer corridors even up to 3 meter long, which makes the replacement work more expensive and time consuming.

The New Generation Low Location Lighting System
  • Halogen-free
  • Resistant to UV radiation, i.e. they do not fade
  • With a shiny surface and a high-quality appearance
  • Easily cleaned
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easily installed with double-sided foam tape
  • Flame retardant, therefore exceed all current requirements.
Safesign Low Location Lighting system
  • Wheelmark
  • Korean Register


Signwell® takes care of the entire process. Everything from planning to realisation of the Low Location Lighting Systems. Our team will do the engineering and layout and produce the LLL in our production facilities, in order for us to adequately realise your deliveries and projects. We produce the LLL system by appropriate quality requirements, to endure the environment and desired life span. Our professional installation team specialized in complete Escape Route Guidance Systems, which Low Location Lighting Systems are a crucial part of, will take care of the implementation, and make sure that the 3L-PL™ and 3L-EP™ Systems are installed correctly. Furthermore we do conduct our 3L-SI™ Low Location Lighting System Inspections worldwide.

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Are you in need of a new system or in need for replacement of your old Low Location Lighting System consisting of both PVC PL inserts and damaged aluminium profiles? Contact our team today and get started:

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