The New Generation Low Location Lighting (LLL) PL System



The LightLine XXL is the “New Generation Low Location Light System” that is your sustainable and a time saving option with the environment in focus at the same that it offers the optimal solution for a higher safety level onboard.

LightLine XXL Low Location Lighting is a Photoluminescent LLL system indicator used in the maritime industry as an emergency guidance system. The LLL provides a visible delineation of the escape routes onboard the vessel. These LLL strips are typically installed in the lower portions of ships, vessels, or offshore platforms to provide illumination of the escape routes in low-visibility conditions, for instance during a power-out or smoke filled coridoors. Low-location lights are designed to enhance safety by making it easier for people to identify pathways, exits, and or obstacles, in emergency situations.

Low Location Lighting System

The LightLine XXL LLL System is the easiest and most cost-effective Low Location Lighting system to install, requiring only the application of the LLL strips where needed. This saves a lot of extra weight since the system does not require any aluminium profiles. Cutting on required lengths can be done easily with a knife. The system is finalized by positioning the LLL mini symbols in the right places.

LightLine XXL photoluminescent Low Location Light strips are non-PVC/halogen-free, flame retardant, and therefore exceed all current requirements with backlighting material and strong self-adhesive foam tape for easy installation during new builds or refurbishment projects. The material has a ‘glossy’ high-end finish which is easy to clean. The LightLine XXL strips are available with or without 5mm safety green edges at the top and bottom of the strips.

Low Location Lighting System

Technical information:

The LightLine strips comes with 5mm safety green edges at the top and bottom of the strips. LightLine strips have a standard length of 99 cm, 70 mm in height, and 1,5 mm thick. They are produced with the high luminescence class XXL (C+ Class acc. to ISO 17398).


This LLL system is easier to install, more cost-effective, lighter and overall only requiring the application of the LLL strips where needed. This without drilling or “destroying” the wall with other forms of glue. This saves a lot of extra weight when not needed any aluminium profiles.

Furthermore the durability of our PL LLL system is that it does not shiver and make noises from getting loose from the wall after a couple of years as LLL systems with profiles can do after some time from vibrations caused from the ships engines and sea. Easier replacement, since it is attached directly onto the wall and only stretching out 1,5mm. It will last intact for a much longer time and if needed, it is easy to remove one small damaged section and replace with a new strip. This instead of having to remove the whole aluminium profile that can be at longer corridors even up to 3 meter long, which makes the replacement work more expensive and time consuming

The New Generation Low Location Lighting System
  • Halogen-free
  • Resistant to UV radiation, i.e. they do not fade
  • With a shiny surface and a high-quality appearance
  • Easily cleaned
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easily installed with double-sided tape
  • Flame retardant, therefore exceed all current requirements.


  • Wheelmark
  • Korean Register
SAFESIGN LightLine Low Location Light



Signwell is certified by DNV to carry out LLL measurements. Which shall be carried out every 5 year. Under the brand name SAFESIGN, Signwell offers a wide range of certified photoluminescent Low Location Lighting products and High-end IMO signage which complies with applicable SOLAS standards and carries several approvals and exceeds the requirements.


Signwell takes care of the entire process. Everything from planning to realisation of Low Location Lighting. Our team will do the engineering and layout and produce the LLL in our production facilities, in order for us to adequately realise your deliveries and projects. We produce the LLL system by appropriate quality requirements, to endure the environment and desired life span. Our professional installation team specialized in complete Escape Route Guidance Systems, which Low Location Lighting Systems are a crucial part of, will take care of the implementation, and make sure that the 3L System is installed correctly.

Are you in need of a new system or in need for replacement of your old Low Location Lighting System consisting of both PVC PL inserts and damaged aluminium profiles? Contact our team today and get started:

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