FSSA, Finnish Ship Suppliers & Service Association ALMOST 80 YEARS OF SHIP SUPPLYING HISTORY


The Finnish Ship Suppliers & Service Association, FSSA has undertaken innumerable actions to defend the interest of the maritime supply sector in Finland, the Baltic Sea and worldwide for almost 80 years. Consul Eric Liljefors (Finland) representative of FSSA were one of the initiative takers to establish ISSA, The International Ship Suppliers & Service Association when the first formal meeting was held in Copenhagen, Denmark 1955. ISSA was formally founded 14th of May 1956. ISSA is a well-recognized organisation world-wide to this day within the maritime industry.

Since the beginning of FSSA, the organisation has had a close and successful cooperation with both the Finnish customs and other Finnish authorities. We can state that the Finnish customs have been quite a pioneer with building systems for both ship owners and ship supplying companies e.g., to handle the goods and the custom clearance.

FSSA, The Finnish Ship Suppliers & Service Association

Currently the members of FSSA have their presence in all the commercial ports of the Finnish territory.

The long genuine history of FSSA has enabled the members to render a world class service providing the Finnish quality at the highest level.  Aligned with the leading companies of the industry globally. In fact, some of our members include companies with international presence beyond our borders and are included as an industry reference in Europe.

FSSA is part of the International Ship Suppliers & Service Association

FSSA (SLY, Suomen Laivakauppiaitten yhdistys ry.) is a fully recognized and integrated member of the ISSA, International Ship Suppliers & Service Association, which headquaters are based in London, UK. ISSA has its presence in 51 countries, 500+ Ports Locations, 1500+ Members and 40 National Associations. Furthermore, FSSA is an active member of OCEAN, European Ship Suppliers Organization.

FSSA is aiming for a sustainable and effective future

Signwell, managing director

” At FSSA we think that working close with bodies in charge of the laws and regulations that touches our sector plays as an important role as the quality and service provided by our members. Together these actions, with the environment in mind are the landmarks that guarantee sustainability and an even more effective future of sustainable Finnish ship supplying. “Says the newly elected Chairman of the Board, Martin Holmström, Managing Director of Signwell Oy.

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