Safety signage: work for specialists


Safety markings are a critical industry that requires expertise. For almost 30 years, we have toured the world, gained knowledge and experience, and gained knowledgeable partners across Europe. Because of these variables, we are here and able to design, produce, and install high-quality process labels for a variety of industries.

Safety labels made to standards help and clarify the industry outlook. Their requirements consist of various factors such as country, industry, and labelling product, such as piping or tank labelling.


Finland uses PSK and SFS standards, while Sweden uses SS standards. The new ISO 20560 standard implements a global, harmonized hazard identification system for pipe marking systems with uniform graphics, colour coding, and a format for safety messages.

Pipe amrking

The starting point for this standard is a safety information philosophy into which technical information can be integrated. Designing a standard based on these principles creates logical links to existing safety sign standards and global standards to demonstrate hazards.

We manufacture pipe markings in accordance with ISO 20560. Signwell will provide you with pipe markings that meet your needs and Standards.




Process and safety marking are much more than just assembling signs to meet the requirements of an inspection body or classification society. Safety signage and process marking is the job of experts who are constantly looking for solutions to situations where employees and visitors are informed in a consistent and clear manner about how their personal safety is maintained.

At Signwel, we manufacture these products in accordance with our values, as we also believe in sustainability and environmental friendliness. For this reason, our product range includes long-lasting 3M ™ MCS ™ (Matched Components System ™) PVC-free pipe marking tapes made with sandwich technology.

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