LED Low Location Light Onboard Aurora Botnia


Signwell has been contracted by Rauma Marine Constructions to supply and realize the LED Low Location Lighting system on the latest adding to Wasaline, Aurora Botnia. The installation of the Low Location Light System has been done thoroughly by our skilled installation team to meet the strictest regulations of the maritime industry (IMO RESOLUTION A.752(18) and ISO 15370) and in that way create an effective escape route system on board the ship.

The approach and scope of the project

The scope for the project included the following:

Starting points for the LLL projects with regard to laws and regulations:

Aurora Botnia

Aurora Botnia is built by Rauma Marine Constructions in 2021. She is an Ro-Ro passenger vessel with a length of 150m, a width of 26m and a cruise speed of 20 knots. Aurora Botnia operates between Finland and Sweden.


Signwell takes care of the entire process. Everything from planning to realisation of the Low Location Light System. Our team will do the engineering and layout and produce the LLL in our production facilities, in order for us to adequately realise your deliveries and projects. We produce the LLL by appropriate quality requirements, to endure the environment and desired life span of the complete LLL system. Our installation team specialized in Low Location Lighting Systems, will take care of the implementation, and make sure that the LLL system is installed accordingly.

Read more about our LED Low location Light systems here:



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