We offer a wide selection of marking tapes. These tapes all have the purpose of getting attention, but all do it in a different ways and have a different approach. In this article we compare a wide selection of marking tapes we offer, and we will tell you about their purposes, qualities and differences.

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The Retro Reflective tape, otherwise known as SolaxFlex tape, is a reflecting tape that uses an encapsulated lens sheeting. The lens ensures that the product is highly reflective over a wide range of entrance angles, whether dry or wet. This sheeting has a flexible and highly transparent film. Combined, these components result in an extremely bright reflection; one of the highest intensities available on the market. The product is praised for its long durability, high brightness and anti-delamination.


Retro Reflective is mainly used to reflectorize SOLAS life support equipment according to the set regulations. Examples of these kinds of equipment are life vests, life boats and life rafts. Also, Retro Reflective is a great solution when you want to reflectorize equipment using a product that can be stuck, but also stitched to a surface.


The most striking product in our range of marking tapes is Reflective Zebra tape. This product is highly effective when it comes down to providing safety and protection. When compared to a white wall, this product is 200 (!) times more reflective. Combined with a red and white or black and yellow pattern, it’s an outstanding and notable product. Therefore, it is an ideal product to prevent hazardous situations and accidents. When you are looking for a photoluminescent version of this tape, please look at our range of LightLine tapes.


Reflective Zebra is ideal for the marking of hazardous situations on ships, buildings and situations where high reflectibility is needed. When you need to mark multiple area’s but want them to be differentiated, Reflective Zebra is available in both a Red / White and Black / Yellow pattern.


Mainly used as a product to stand out and prevent slipping, SlipStop is an ideal product in environments like staircases, walkways and areas that need to be marked. SlipStop can be used both in- and outdoors to prevent accidents and protect people against slippery surfaces. A simple product, but with extraordinary quality and durability. SlipStop is available in several colors; an All-Black version as well as a Yellow / Black pattern.


SlipStop is ideal when you want to mark area’s or hazardous situations in both a physical as well as a visual way. The black edition is great because of its physical grip attribute. SlipStop Yellow / Black combines the physical grip with a notable color pattern. Both can be applied on staircases, steep walkways, distance markings, and many other possibilities.


Ideal for warehouses and factory floors; T-ISS Floor tape. This high-quality marking tape allows you to mark certain area’s on your floor. For example; when you would like to mark an area where goods need to be unloaded, Floor tape would be the ideal solution. The product has an extremely high durability which means you can drive it over with forklifts,  pump trucks and hand trucks no problem. The tape will hold up and areas will remain highlighted.


Floor tape’s main application is the marking of floor area’s in warehouses, factory floors and other business applications. Examples are the marking of area’s where goods need to be unloaded, the indication of borders in warehouses, and many more.


Our range of LightLine tape consists of various photoluminescent tapes that are a great, proven method to indicate escape routes. All LightLine tapes comply with the IMO and SOLAS regulations, and have a Lloyd’s Register approval. LightLine tape is offered in various reflecting qualities. Also, red, green and black striped versions are available. At last, we offer stickers that can be fixed to the tape which allows you to indicate staircases, escape routes, assembly stations and exits.


When you are looking for a tape that is flexible and multifunctional compared to a standard LLL strip, LightLine tape is the answer. LightLine tape in fact is a photoluminescent version of our Reflective Zebra tape, since LightLine is available in a Red and Black zebra pattern.

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