Tank markings

What Exactly Is Tank Markings?


Tank markings are safety markings that are affixed to the side of a tank(s). The markings should contain the following information: Content, Capacity/ Cubic Volume, Position-/Tank number and any hazardous characteristics of the substance that is stored inside of the storage tank. These markings are to be placed for optimal visibility.

Core Elements Of Tank Markings

  • Medium name
  • Tank identification number/ tank name
  • Hazardous symbols (GHS pictograms)

The Importance Of Tank Markings

The importance of marking tanks is to inform operators, maintenance services and other personnel with information of which substances are present at the exact location. Tank marking is mainly done for identification of any risks in order to prevent accidents. Tank markings also play a key role when it comes to emergency situations when a rapid identification message needs to be visible for both internal and external emergency services.

Marking of tanks is prescribed by law and regulations. Tanks and pipes must be marked in accordance with the standards, e.g. European Directive EU 92/58/EEC, SFS5497, ISO 20560-2.

Placement and Design

For the markings to fulfil its purpose it is extremely important that the marking is visible and legible. When planning the placement of the tank markings, the location is important for optimal identification. Tank markings are mostly placed on the tank itself, but in the case this is not possible other solutions that are as efficient may be used. When it comes to the actual size of the tank marking, it depends on the volume and the reading distance.

Different materials for varying surfaces


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