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Signwell Oy is a company specializing in safety signs and signage systems. We work with industry experts and work together with our team worldwide. In addition, we are constantly developing our products and looking for more environmentally friendly solutions for our products. We are a DNV certified company “approval of service supplier”, so we also carry out inspections of the Emergency Exit system.

We manufacture safety signs in accordance with the international SS-EN_ISO 7010 standard as well as individual standards and wishes.


Safety signs are divided into different types depending on their function. The function of all safety signs is to control the operation placed inside the square. Such signs are, for example, signs indicating an emergency shower or an escape route.

Mandatory signs

Mandatory signs provide advice in special situations, but also in everyday activities, such as the use of protective equipment. The background color of the signs is usually blue and the symbol on the sign is placed inside a circle.

Warning signs

Warning signs warn of a special danger situation and aim to prevent accidents. The background color of the warning signs is usually yellow and the warning symbol is placed inside the triangle.

Prohibition signs

Prohibition signs convey information related to regulations and prohibitions that is intended to prevent harmful conduct. In a prohibition sign, the symbol is usually placed inside a red prohibition circle.

Fire fighting signs

Fire fighting signs are fire safety signs related to firefighting, the purpose of which is to guide the fire brigade and the users of the facility in fire fighting and rescue. The base color of the fire sign is red. The safety sign can also guide you to a safe place. In this case, the base color of the sign is green. Such signs are, for example, signs indicating an emergency shower or an escape route.


In order to supply a sign that suits the needs of our customers, we need information about the signs appearance (including color), symbol number, size, material, lamination, text content, and quantity. You can find more information in our catalog, but we are also happy to help you, so please contact us if you have any questions!


There are several sign materials, the most common of which are plastic, sticker, aluminum / composite and magnet.

The purpose of safety signs is to get attention quickly to objects that affect safety and health. The sign should be placed as prominently as possible, so in addition to color or illumination, the viewing angle should be taken into account.

Contact us for all your safety sign needs, we will be happy to help!

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