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The Emergency Leak and Seal repair kit is a complete response kit that enables immediate action when situations demand it. Leakage on flanges, piping or even a leaking drum can be sealed quickly and efficiently. A wrench and water are all that’s needed to use the ELS kit, no special training is required, but make sure the crew is familiar with the kit and working procedures. The ELS kit is versatile; use it for hazardous and non-hazardous chemical service. Download our IMO product catalogue here: IMO catalogue

emergency leak and seal repair kit

Technical Data

  • The contents of the ELS kit:
  • Sturdy plastic carrying box
  • Rubber hammer
  • Utility knife
  • Speed steel stick
  • Fast plastic stick
  • Rubber sheet (500 x 500 mm)
  • Drip Stop Tape (3 sizes: 25/38/50 mm)
  • Spray Control Tape (50 mm)
  • Spray Stop Tape (35 mm)
  • Pipe Repair Tape (3 sizes: 2”,3”,4”)
  • 3 pair of gloves


The Asbestos safety kit, is a product to safely remove asbestos debris during the operation of a vessel. This product is used by a vessels crew to remove any harmful asbestos materials in a safe way, while the ship is operating at sea. The kit is not meant to be used for large scale asbestos removal, for example during the docking of the vessel.

All items in the kit are produced according to the EU quality standards for asbestos removal. All parts are approved by certified companies. The kit comes with a clear instruction manual that shows how to use it in a safe and adequate way. Download our IMO product catalogue here: IMO catalogue


The Asbestos safety kit contains the following items:


Lifeboat repair is a high quality, solvent-free epoxy repair system for use in combination with various materials. When used with glasmat, chop strand mat or glass cloth, it is ideal for repairs on cracked, damaged or hollow GRP surfaces. Download our IMO product catalogue here: IMO catalogue


Technical data

  • Adhesion tensile shear to ASTM D1002: 598 kg/cm2 (900psi)
  • Compressive strength tested to ASTM D695: 1034 kg/cm2 (14.500psi)
  • Flexural strenght tested to ASTM B790: 912 kg/cm2 (13.600psi)
  • Hardness (once fully cured): 100 Rockwell R

Benefits & Features

  • Easy to use waterproof glue
  • Hardens in a few minutes at room temperature
  • Permanent waterproof ‘field’ repairs
  • Strong and durable finish
  • Adhesion on all common substrates
  • 5-minute life span of the layer


  • 303 Lifeboat resin: 2 x 300 g
  • 706 Glass matt: 1 x 0,5 m²
  • Cellophane: 1 x 0,625 m²
  • Disposable glove: 2 pairs
  • Brushes: 1 x 2”
  • Stirring tool: 2
  • Trowelling tool: 1
  • Surface tissue: 1 x 0,35 m²
  • Emery paper: 1 x 280 mm sheet
  • Resin rem cream: 1 x 250 g
  • White tub: 17 l

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