Process identification

What is process identification?

Marking/ tagging all parts of the industrial process, e.g. moving parts or fixed equipment, is necessary to increase safety during the life span of the process. The importance of process identification is a clear information messaging in order to keep a safe operating environment, maintenance and preventing malfunctions during operation. In order to make the identification process quick and easy, the solutions is to add a QR/ Bar, -code to the tag/ marking.

There are a very wide range of industrial process identification options. Manufacturing valve tags, CE and equipment signs using various technologies and materials for the optimal visibility and sustainability. We can provide all sizes, materials, textures and appearances for different industrial needs.

  • Valve tags
  • CE- signs
  • Equipment signs
  • Pipe line markings/ tags
  • Steel / stainless steel plates
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Slide in system
  • Labels (self-adhesive)

Mounting options:

Attaching these industrial labellings/ markings/tags to the equipment can be done in different ways. They can either be mounted with a steel wire covered in plastic, glued, foam mounting tape, or different bracket systems.

Line numbering

A part of the industrial labelling is the marking of pipes with a unique line number as they all have a specific code that is mention in the P&IDs drawings. Marking the lines with a number can be done in addition to the pipe marking.

Signwell offers a complete marking solutions for the whole process identification/-tagging with a broad range of materials and methods used in various industries for all kinds of environments and purposes. We bring your everyday environment safer with our visible solutions.

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