Pipe marking on ships, offshore or onshore sites is essential to ensure safety at all times. Accidents, injuries and damage to the machinery and equipment can be caused by the fact that your crew or visitors are unaware of the substances that flow through the pipes. The importance of pipe marking becomes clear when we look at the different norms & regulations that are applicable.

Norms & regulations

Several regional organisations require compliance with pipe marking standards. Whether it is ANSI, ISO 14726 British Standard Institution 1710 or European Standard EC Directive 92/58/EEC, Signwell can supply the correct and compliant pipe markings in any color with any print that meet these standards.

Because of the variety between global and regional standards, the ISO 20560 standard realizes a truly global, harmonized system of hazard recognition for pipe marking systems with uniformity of graphics, color-coding and formatting of safety messages. Signwell can supply you with pipe markings to meet the standards of the new ISO 20560 standard.

Offshore ferries and vessels require pipe markings according to ISO 14726. We manufacture pipe markings that fullfill all special regulations.

Pipe marking quality levels:


PolyesPro® Pipe Marking film is a high performance non PVC polyester sandwich, manufactured according to 3M™ MCS™ (Matched Component System™) production specifications. With a high degree of temperature resistance, a long lifespan and perfect colour fastness, it’s the highest available quality pipe marking material on the market today.


This pipe marking tape is a standard performance vinyl sandwich manufactured according to 3M™ MCS™ (Matched Component System™) production specifications. This tape comes with a gloss laminated finish and can be used outdoor and indoor in a various types of environments


This pipe marking tape is economical and made of unlaminated vinyl. The recommended use of this tape is indoors, but can be used outdoors with a shorter lifespan compared to PolyesPro® and the Basic Line.

Elements of pipe marking design

Our multi-color pipe marking comes standard with medium text and flow direction and is available in two sizes (100 and 150 mm wide). The pipe marking tapes can also be supplied without text and flow direction upon request.

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