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SafeSign LED Escape Sign

Our ‘Dutch Design’ premium quality range of LED Escape signs are designed to clearly identify emergency exits and escape routes, executed in a timeless design that fits in with contemporary architecture. Our range of LED Escape signs allow for easy installation and provide a reliable and stylish solution for use in various types of buildings such as offices, hotels, hospitals and retail. Architects have a specific look in mind when designing buildings, libraries, hotels and office spaces. Compliance with requirements and regulations the safety of your employees and guests are the first priority.

Next comes the design. Our LED Escape Signs provide an energy efficient and classy look with safety in mind. Clients ultimately have safety and cost effectiveness in mind. Therefore our SafeSign LED Escape signs provide a great solution by reducing yearly energy costs and by limiting the impact on our environment.

SafeSign LED Escape Sign –The goal of launching the SafeSign LED Escape Sign product line has been to combine timeless design and cutting-edge innovation in the field of exit signs.

Due to our many years of experience working within the photoluminescence materials, the SafeSign LED Escape Sign is now also available as a battery-free luminescent version. The new version will take effect immediately after a power failure.

Technical data


Requirement for illuminated LED emergency evacuation signs

As stated and required in SOLAS regulations II-1/42 and III / 11.5, escape routes, alleys, stairs and exits must be marked with emergency lighting for a period of 36 hours. Illuminated LED emergency exit signs shall be permanently displayed to guide the crew and passengers and shall be placed at the entrances and exits of public areas such as restaurants, shops, bars and other public spaces on board. LED emergency exit signs must be powered by an independent power source.

Electrical and photoluminescence in one: the best of the both worlds

As a result of the innovation that comes from our many years of experience supplying different markets with photoluminescence signs and low light, this product has been developed as a hybrid escape road sign that is unique on the market. The main power source comes from the central electricity, but when the power is lost as a result of an accident, the photoluminescence properties of the sign conquer, providing users with a very clear exit sign. In this way, even without a power supply, the sign is clearly the photoluminescence of the material.

This technology, in which we have succeeded in providing (electronically) more light to a photoluminescence sign, is unique in the market and makes it the future of emergency exit signs. The photoluminescence version of this light signal is only available as a single-sided version.

Available safety sign layouts and types

Below you can find some of the Led escape sign examples that follow the IMO- regulations and the ISO-standard 24409.

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