Fire fighting signs

What are fire fighting signs?

Fire fighting signs is a completeness of signs and markings which are installed in the right places to indicate the safety equipment. Fire fighting equipment signs guide us to equipment such as fire extinguishers, hose reels, hand fire alarms, first aid equipment and other fire fighting and rescue related equipment. In order for personnel to quickly navigate to the life saving equipment and fire fighting equipment the fire fighting signs must be installed correctly and visible by any means. The installed fire fighting signs shall comply with the provisions of ISO 7010. Fire fighting signs are not just a bunch of signs gathered in order to satisfy the examiners. Fire fighting signs should be produced and installed by professionals.

The plastics we use have a heat resistance of -50 ° C + 90 ° C and a maximum luminance of 400 / 10min mcd / m², 55 / 60min mcd / m². The product can be used both in- and outdoors.

Our emergency exit signs are available both single and double sided. There are many fastening solutions, e.g. Panoramic, wire, flag sign method and double-sided tape.

The importance of the photoluminescent Fire fighting signs

In the event of a fire, smoke will rise to the top of the ceiling very quickly. This situation will obscure regular exit signs that are commonly placed above exit doors or other important locations.

What photoluminescent fire fighting equipment signs does is that it absorbs the regular light from lighting fixtures. This has the consequence that when power falls out in a case of an emergency, the signage will remain clearly visible in the dark. You can imagine that this property can make an enormous difference during, for example, an event of fire. When using photoluminescent signage, you are not dependent on man-made lighting systems that require power from an emergency generator or a battery, and are known to fail in emergency situations. Photoluminescent signage will never fail when regular lighting unexpectedly stops working.


Our Safety signs comply with the ISO 7010 standard.

One of the occasions where a photoluminescent effect is used are in safety signs. Safety signs are signs that give a general safety message. The message is distributed to us with signage that is in accordance with ISO 7010. Generally harmonized combination of colour and geometric shapes and a safety symbol that gives a particular message. They are used at high, low and intermediate locations. According to the Safety Way Guidance System, in order to guide the evacuee to a place of safety. Combining these signs with photoluminescent properties ensures a clear guiding system for all nearby people.


Our range of Escape route signs, fire fighting signs and rescue equipment signs include all the signage products you may need to ensure a safe environment in your building, on your vessel or any other fitting occasion. Clearly marked fire extinguishers, fire alarms and rescue equipment are important when emergencies occur. Clear identification is also important from the point of view of prevention. For the reason that people are able to observe the warnings during normal working and visiting situations. They make mental notes of the locations of the equipment. When an emergency arises they are capable of acting immediately, even in a stressful situation. Because of visible signage they are able to find the fire extinguishers, fire alarms and fire rescue equipment rapidly.

There are several ways of marking fire prevention, fire-fighting and rescue equipment as easily identifiable as possible. Their presence and location must be visible from all directions. This applies to both the normal and the stressful situations. Our clients see signage as more than just an obligation resulting merely from legislation and regulations.


Aluminium signage

Aluminium fire fighting equipment signs offers you the ‘premium‘, luxury look you may be looking for. Besides the great looks, aluminium signage is a very durable product. Our aluminium signs have the same outstanding photoluminescent quality. This makes them great to be used in areas where regulations prescribe the use of non-combustible signage besides the PETX signage.

Due to the flexibility of the aluminium material, we can also offer bend aluminium signs. We produce single- or double-sided wall-mount signs when your specific occasion requires it.


Panorama aluminium signs

Panoramic aluminium signage makes it possible to display a safety sign widely. The pre-drilled holes make it easy to install, and the aluminium signage comes with the same outstanding properties as the flat aluminium signage. Panoramic aluminium signage realizes a 180° angle reach, which means people will see the sign from a far distance from a 180° range. As well as our regular flat aluminium signage, panoramic aluminium signage features the same outstanding photoluminescent quality.

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