Industrial safety LED projectors are able to illuminate any symbol on any surface. The system helps workers see it thanks to illuminated symbols that prevent collisions. ALIS-Visualization offers two different types of activation; 24/7 glow, as well as intelligent activation that ignites movement.

ALIS-Shield, is an autonomous system that works wirelessly between different models of locators. These locators can be installed in a vehicle, human, or any electronic device and are crucial when  preventing a collision in the workspace and thus also create a safer environment for workers and visitors.

ALIS offers the so-called: Puzzle solutions, which means that combining Ali’s products creates a safer environment.

General use

At the same time, improve the safety and efficiency of your operating environment with the ALIS anti-Collision system, which is an effective solution for preventing accidents and enhancing everyday operations.

Read more here: ALIS- Anti collision


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