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Signwell Oy is a company specializing in process labeling. In co-operation with the authorities in the field, we have raised e.g. PSK0902 and in close co-operation with our partners, we are constantly developing our products in accordance with international regulations and standards.

We manufacture pipe marking of different standards e.g. Finland, PSK 0902 / SFS3701, Sweden SS741: 13, ISO 20560-. ANSI, ISO 14726, UK 1710 standard, or in accordance with European Union EC Directive 92/58 / EEC standards.

The label indicates the clear name of the substance, the direction of flow and the color according to the identification color of the fluid. If abbreviations for substances are also used in the label, they are presented according to PSK 0902.

The size of the text varies depending on the diameter and reading distance of the pipe. If necessary, the name of the fluid may be supplemented immediately by markings indicating pressure, temperature, concentration or other important property. A separate chemical label is used to label hazardous substances. Piping at the beginning and end of the marking line and at each branch and bushings on both sides. The long line is marked with a pipeline marking every 10–15 meters and the marking frequency of the hazardous substance line is reduced as necessary. In vertical tubes, the reading direction of the text is from bottom to top. The pipe markings of natural gas pipelines must comply with the standard, eg. SFS 3701.

Our four qualities; Economy, Standard, Premium

We supply pipe markings for every purpose (marine, industrial & the real estate) worldwide. Our Pipe markings are available in 3 different qualities and can be customized to include any pipe, contents and flow direction for your / customer’s need. Over the years, we have gained many satisfied customers from all over the world.

Our Premium pipe marking tape is a 3M ™ MCS ™ (Matched Components System) made with high performance PVC free “Sandwitch” (Tape-Printing Ink-Laminate) technology.

The new ISO 20560- standard

The NEW ISO 20560 standard implements a global, harmonized hazard identification system for pipe marking systems with uniform graphics, color coding, and a format for safety messages.

The starting point of this standard is a safety information philosophy into which technical information can be integrated. Designing a standard based on these principles creates logical links to existing safety sign standards and global standards to demonstrate hazards.

We manufacture piping markings in accordance with ISO 20560. Signwell will provide you with piping markings that meet your required Standard.

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