Polyespro® The industry standard in pipe marking


Signwell is an Official reseller of PolyesPro®.  It is the highest quality pipe marking product available on the market today. PolyesPro® pipe marking is produced using the 3M MCS or Matched Component System. It comprises a sandwich of polyester base material that the image is printed on, finished with a protective polyester laminate. The base material has a halogen-free adhesive backing that makes it suitable for applying to stainless steel piping as well. The protective properties of the polyester laminate, such as resistance to UV and numerous chemicals, guarantee a long service life. PolyesPro® pipe markings also does not contain PVC (vinyl chlorides).

The story behind PolyesPro®

PolyesPro® pipe marking material has been developed to meet the needs of companies that demand the highest possible quality and durability for their pipe markings. PolyesPro® is a material that has a high degree of temperature resistance, a long lifespan (ten years plus) and that retaines the colours of the markings (colourfastness). To meet that need, the manufacturer, Blomsma Signs & Safety worked closely with 3M to develop the new industry standard for marking and labelling pipes, PolyesPro® pipe markings. After numerous production tests and field tests against the required quality criteria, the product is available with all 3M guarantees.

Flexible production process

The flexible production process makes any layout and combination of safety symbols possible (according to GHS and ISO7010), as well as integration of additional information such as pipeline numbers, to and from indicators, and any other system information desired. PolyesPro® pipe markings can be manufactured in accordance with all the applicable national and international rules & regulations and norms as well as your company standards. The rolls are supplied in handy dimensions for efficient and economical use.

Unique feature

PolyesPro® pipe markings have a number of unique features that have been made possible by 3M™’s latest innovations in adhesives and colourfastness. The key feature is a fluid acryl-based adhesive layer over 120 microns thick. This allows the labels to be applied to almost all types of pipes, even painted ones with a slight texture. Using 3M™ configured machinery and 3M™ inks ensures exceptionally long-lasting colourfastness of the image. This means that high-quality information transfer is assured; the markings remain legible and recognizable in terms of both the colour and the safety symbols used.

Any application, all kinds of pipeline

The scope of applicability is very wide-ranging, from the offshore and marine markets to chemical and petrochemical plants and tank terminals. PolyesPro® pipe markings are UV-resistant, scratch-resistant and able to withstand extreme weather conditions and chemicals. PolyesPro® markings can be applied on insulated pipes, painted pipes and stainless steel pipes.

Datasheet PolyesPro®

In the PolyesPro® datasheet, we have listed all the relevant product information and characteristics for your reference. We describe in detail all the physical and application characteristics, storage and shipment characteristics, the results of durability tests and information about maintenance and cleaning.

What separates PolyesPro®
from other pipe marking brands

When the PolyesPro® pipe marking was developed, they had the vision to create the absolute best pipe marking material available in the world. A pipe marking developed to solve common and practical problems and prevent any corrosion or adhesion problems . TheyS started off with the practical needs free, instead of using common available materials thus leading to new material combinations and the application and development of a customized glue backing. Globally, there are quite some companies that offer various qualities pipe marking materials.

What separates PolyesPro® from other well-known pipe marking suppliers in the world? In the table below we are comparing PolyesPro® to the average pipe marking products currently available.

Avoid counterfeit and inferior pipe marking products

Popular brands are often copied and these inferior products often make their way across the world to unauthorized resellers. While they may have a low price and look good at first glance, they do not have our technology and high quality. The quality of pipe marking material can often be seen from how quickly it discolours. Discoloration is caused for instance by weathering influences (UV, salt water), exposure to substances such as chemicals and solvents, specialist cleaning (high-pressure jets, cleaning agents) and the temperature of the pipes. Some other common quality issues with inferior pipe marking materials are poor adhesion, CUS (corrosion under sticker) due to inferior glue backings, visual errors in the design and cracking/splits in the material.

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