Marine Industry

Marine Industry

At Signwell, maritime safety is taken seriously. Our range of products consists of high-quality SOLAS SAFETY products that meet all marine industry standards. Our products have been developed to withstand the most demanding conditions in the marine industry. Signwell offers complete service: we take care of mapping, design, installation, upgrades and maintenance. Our turnkey services have produced many satisfied maritime customers across Europe.

SOLAS- tapes/ -products

Signwell provides a complete range of SOLAS safety products. All the products we sell meet the strictest design and testing standards and include all required documentation.

In addition, all products also comply with local regulations and international standards. Our range consists of various tapes and safety products such as pipeline leak tapes, emergency packaging and rescue equipment.

You will find all our products in our catalogue.

  • Anti-corrosion tapes (CorStop, RustStop)
  • Anti-leak/ splashing tapes (SprayStopTape, SprayControl, PipeRepair)
  • Insulationtapes (HeatStop, DripStop)
  • Marking tapes (Retro Reflective, Reflective Zebra, SlipStop, Floor, LightLine
  • Additional tapes (Foam, HatchCover)
  • Safety products (E.E.B.D. masks, safety vests etc.)

Download our catalogue here: Signwell IMO Catalog2020-2021

IMO-Safety Signage

Our IMO SafeSigns are a environmentally friendlier option to traditional signs. The signs are made of PETX material and are PVC and halogen free. The signs are very durable due to the innovative material.

IMO signs are specially developed for the maritime industry. Our signs meet the requirements of IMO RESOLUTION A.1116(30), ISO 7010 & ISO 24409-2 standards .

You will find all IMO signs and more in our catalogue.

  • Halogen free
  • UV resistant (does not discolour)
  • Glossy high-quality finish
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • 100% recyclable
  • Self-adhesive backing for easy fix
  • Flame retardant

Download our catalogue here: Signwell IMO Catalog2020-2021

Low Location Light Photoluminescent

We manufacture, sell and install, photoluminescent LLL according to IMO RESOLUTION A.752(18) and ISO 15370 standards. We provide turnkey servises: mapping, planning and installation.

has set certain requirements for on – board LLL systems that they must comply with.

The luminescence must shine after the light has gone out at least:

  • 15 MCD/ m², after 10 minutes
  • 2 MCD/ m², after 60 minutes
  • Due to regulations LLL systems should be checked up and measured every 5 years.

Signwell is DNV.GL certified LLL inspector.

Download our catalogue here: Signwell IMO Catalog2020-2021

Pipe marking

Offshore ferries and vessels require piping markings according to ISO 14726. We manufacture pipe markings that fulfill all special regulations.


  • Polyespro®
  • Standard (laminated)
  • Economy (unlaminated)

Download our catalogue here: Signwell IMO Catalog2020-2021

LED lighting

Our energy-saving LED lighting is highly durable designed for the marine industry and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Indoor / outdoor lights
  • Navigation lights & signal lights
  • search lights
  • Helideck lighting

Ask for a catalogue: Daeyang lighting solutions

Decoral signage

Looking for Illuminated cabin Signs or a 3D effect for your logo? We supply high-quality made signs and logos in a wide range of materials.

  • Cabin Signage
  • Wayfinding
  • Illuminated ship names and funnel logos
  • Decorative Signs


Introducing: the DAESUVE GH-01 explosion proof ceiling light. This fluorescent ceiling light is designed to operate in hostile environments; Atex, with battery included for hazardous areas that would damage ordinary signs and lights. Also, in these types of environments, a regular fixture could accidentally ignite an explosive reaction. As a result, this is the perfect Exit sign to be used in the engine rooms of LNG-powered ships. This wheelmark approved Atex Exit Light was developed by dedicated specialists and help from engineers from Finland. Size: approx. 600x200mm.


The LED LLL system is designed for exit routes. Its principle is the same as with the PL LLL system, but it does not need light sources to shine, and its glow does not fade over time.

Thanks to its flexibility, the installation can be done on curved walls, for example. We provide turnkey services that include: mapping, design and installation.


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