Floor marking tapes and Barrier products

We have a wide range of floor marking tapes and barrier products, for marking, restraining and securing.

Anti- slip tapes

Anti-slip tapes are an excellent solution to increase safety and prevent slipping on wet or slippery surfaces, e.g. in industrial environment, stair treads, around equipment, in warehouses and other spaces where slipping may occur. Read more about our anti-slip tapes.

Floor marking tapes

In production facilities, clear floor markings are an important part of the production marking of industrial plants and it guarantees a higher level of safety. The floor marking brings a clear route, guidance and delimitation marking to production facilities, storage areas and the transport routes. Our floor markings are long-lasting and highly durable floor marking tapes that increase the level of safety in even the most demanding areas in order to protect the workers. Read More about our floor tapes in our Buyers guide.

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