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We offer the marine industry various types of SOLAS approved products such as, Embarkation ladder, Pilot ladder, Magnet ladder locker (Magnetic ladder lock), Pneumatic ladder locker (Pneumatic ladder lock) and Pneumatic Line Thrower.

Pilot ladder

The pilot ladder is used for the pilot and crews getting in and out the vessel in normal situations. The pilot ladder has a spreader which is different from the embarkation ladder. The steps of each ladder are made of hard wood except for the last 4 steps, which are made of rubber.

Technical data Pilot ladder

  • Step: Hardwood (beech wood)
  • The 4 lower steps of ladder are made of rubber
  • Spreader: Hardwood (beech wood)
  • Side Ropes: 4 Strand Manila rope
  • Step Thimbles: Hardwood (beech wood)
  • Rope clamp: Aluminium


An embarkation ladder extending from the deck to the waterline in the lightest seagoing condition under all conditions of a trim of up to 10° and a list of up to 20° either way, shall be provided at each embarkation station or at every two adjacent embarkation stations for survival craft launched down the side of the ship.

Embarkation ladder

Technical data Embarkation ladder

  • Step: Hardwood (beech wood)
  • Spreader: Hardwood (beech wood) Side
  • Ropes: 4 Strand Manila rope
  • Step Thimbles: Hardwood (beech wood)
  • Rope clamp: Aluminium


The Magnet ladder locker is designed to create a safer environment for staff & harbour pilots by providing safely removable anchor points for the ladder on the ship’s side. The magnets are lightweight for easy handling, yet immensely strong, providing more than 500 KG of lift & pull ratings. The Magnet ladder locker is powder coated in bright orange for high visibility and is made to withstand the marine environment. It has no internal moving parts or entry points for sea water.

Technical data

  • Lift rate: 500 kg
  • Pull rate: 520 kg

Benefits & Features

The release handle will enable crew to remove the magnet from the hull easily and without excessive force. All Magnet ladder lockers are standard supplied in a sturdy wooden storage box and comes with an IMO-type instruction poster, Storage Location sign and tightening belts.

Set consists of:

Pneumatic ladder locker

The Pneumatic ladder locker is used to secure the bottom of the accommodation ladder or gangway to the ship’s side. The locker works with a vacuum pressure, supplied from your deck air supply. The Pneumatic ladder locker is the tool to increase safety on high free board vessels when accommodation ladders are used by the crew or pilots.

Technical data

  • Lift rate: 300 kg
  • Pull rate: 850 kg
  • Required: Compressor 1 HP or more

Benefits & Features

The Pneumatic ladder locker is supplied in a sturdy storage box and comes with IMO type storage sign and instruction poster. Also, an air hose connection is included as well as a tightening belt. A compressor with a minimum of 1 HP is powerful enough to supply this system.

Set consists of:


The BLT 250 Line thrower is a pneumatic system which throws projectiles by a compressed air system. It has 4 interchangeable launchers and the projectiles are easy to refill. Meets the demands of SOLAS/lMO regulation 74/83. Projectiles reaches approximately 250 meters, are only effected from crosswind and reach the maximum speed at the end of the launcher. All items are reusable and shelf life is unlimited. The only cost for four throws, is refilling the cylinder with your air compressor.

Technical data

  • Weight throwing unit 8,3 kg
  • Weight projectile 2,1 kg
  • Materials Aluminium, Stainless
  • steel, MS58 Brass,
  • PVC and ABS
  • Shooting chamber pressure 65 bar
  • Maximum Recoil 5400N
  • Average Nozzle Velocity 50,6m/s
  • Number of shots 4
  • Aluminium air cylinder pressure 200 bar
  • Aluminium air cylinder volume 2 l

Benefits & Features

  • No explosion, useable from and into flammable areas
  • Complete set (4 projectiles, throwing unit, user
  • manual, sturdy orange carrying bag)
  • Optional wooden storage box available

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