Low Location Light

SafeSign produces traditional Photoluminescent Low Location Light-LLL systems with aluminum brackets, which are mainly fitted with PVC or aluminum retroreflective strips, but we also use innovative PETX material that is PVC and halogen-free. All Safe Signin Low Location Light-LLL systems comply with regulations and requirements and can be integrated into a security system.

As an alternative to commonly used brackets and strips, SafeSign has developed Light Line strips from PETX material. These adhesive strips are a great option as they are easy to install and also maintain. We manufacture Light Line strips to the same high quality standards as other SafeSign products. This means that the print is made on the reverse side of PETX, which gives the products a shiny and smooth surface. The product is completely halogen-free, UV-resistant, has fire protection and is 100% recyclable.

Low Location Light

We supply LLL systems with turnkey services. These include design, installation, final inspection and maintenance services. We run complete exit routes with visible solutions. More info on the IMO list.

We manufacture, sell and install photoluminescent LLL systems in accordance with IMO RESOLUTION A.752 (18) and ISO 15370. We provide turnkey services. The service includes: mapping, design and installation.

IMO RESOLUTION A.752(18) has set certain requirements for on – board LLL systems that they must comply with.

The luminescence must shine gradually after the light has gone out:

Low Location Light
  • 15 MCD/ m², after 10 minutes
  • 2 MCD/ m², after 60 minutes
  • According to the law, the LLL system must be tested every 5 years

Signwell is a DNV.GL Certified LLL Inspector.

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